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Teeth Whitening

Whiter teeth will make you look healthier and younger.

We can offer you two ways of teeth whitening and you’ll get the best result by combining these two techniques.

Teeth whitening at clinic (1,5 hour)

Before the teeth whitening we make sure that the teeth are nice and clean, that the gums are healthy and that no other contraindications exist. We will remove any tartar and staining with Air-Flow. Then we protect your gums and apply the bleach gel on your teeth. The gel is activated by a ultraviolet light.

The advantage of whitening at the clinic compared to other methods is that the treatment is much faster and easier. It´s done during just one session here at the clinic. This whitening provides you with an almost secure outcoming and we can also whiten some shades that are hard to get a good result with home whitening.

The treatment is not harmful and does not affect teeth negatively or make them fragile. The results are immediate and can last several years, depending on your habits, although genetic factors influence. We recommend that you continue to visit us for regularly checkups and cleanings.

Sometimes you can experience an increased sensitivity to hot and / or cold the first hours after the whitening. This passes within just one day. Teeth whitening is a safe and simple treatment for those who want to have whiter teeth!

Post treatment Sealer

Straight after the teeth whitening we offer you a sealer, NanoSeal Total + from Brilliant Smile Sweden.

This sealer makes your teeth look whiter for a longer time, less sensitive and you can eat and drink whatever you want 3 hours after the treatment.

Teeth whitening at home (5 - 10 days)

This is recommended to do straight after your clinic teeth whitening for the best result. (You can also do this treatment alone. )

Molds will be taken of your upper and lower teeth before your teeth whitening.
You will get your personal mouth trays and bleach gel with you home that same day!

We have a special package price for you!