Dental caries (tooth decay) is caused by the action of acids on the enamel surface. The acid is produced when sugars in foods and drinks react with bacteria. This acid will demineralise your tooth.

The dentist has to remove this decay and replace your tooth loss with a filling.

Fillings are recommended as long as it doesn’t has to replace a larger part of your tooth. Then the risk for fracture is bigger because of overloading.

When preparing a cavity you usually have anaesthesia to make the tooth numb and painless. It also helps you relax more easily.


We use composite, a material made out of plastics and microscopic glass pieces for the best results of white fillings. We shape the filling to make it look like a natural part of the tooth before we make it hard using a special ultraviolet light.

Composite fillings are available in many different shades to match the color of your teeth.

  • That´s why we can inform you that we at our clinic are following all the recommendations and restrictions for yours and everyone's safety to avoid cross contamination and spreading of any virus.