Crowns and bridges

Crowns & Inlays/ Onlays

A crown, inlay and onlay is the best option when there is too large part of the tooth that needs to be replaced or if we see that the tooth aesthetically needs to change both the color and shape.

They are made of Zirconium or Emax depending on the strength and aesthetics demands in each case.

Bridge structure

A bridge structure is several crowns joined together. It is often used to replace one or several missing teeth and to fill a gap between the teeth.

A bridge needs to have a strong base and is therefore made of zirconium with fine porcelain cover for the best aesthetic result.

The anchor teeth can be your natural teeth or implants and they act as the main support for your bridge

This patient came with worn teeth and two bilateral defect bridges in the upper jaw. We made a teeth whitening of lower jaw, two new bridges in upper jaw and four porcelain veneers in upper front. Notice how straight and natural the result became. Even the lips got fuller.

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